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Our exciting 2022 Multi Sports Camp is here for 4 weeks of pure fun from Monday to Thursday. Children aged 8 -16 will engage in enriching activities with our qualified coaches. 


Our Camps

At Mensah Edusport Limited we offer a R.E.A.L holiday club programme which focuses on the following throughout the programme;  



Helping children and young people to realise failure is when you decide to quit.   



Children and young people becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life.



Celebrating success however small or big. 



Weather it be within their own life’s or building confidence.   


These areas will be approached through the use of enriching activities, promoting healthy eating and engagement in physical activity through sports.

Mensah Edu-Sport
Mensah Edu-Sport
Mensah Edu-Sport
Mensah Edu-Sport
Mensah Edu-Sport
Mensah Edu-Sport


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